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    Ethnicity and Behavior

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    Define ethnicity and classify normal and abnormal behavior.

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    Problem: Define ethnicity and classify normal and abnormal behavior.

    Ethnicity is defined as a social group of people who hold common cultural factors, values, beliefs, social behaviors, religious or spiritual cosmologies. Individuals form ethnic groups because they identify with each other based on these factors an d can also identify with each other on the basis of either real or presumed ancestry or genealogy.

    Cross cultural psychology is now a required course for all psychology majors after it became clear that normal and abnormal behavior cannot be defined without taking into consideration, ethnicity. In the 1960- 1980's The DSM-IV held the belief that mental disorders were primarily chemical imbalances in the brain (hence the growth of ...

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    This solution defines ethnicity and classifies how behavior can be perceived as normal or abnormal. References are also given. The explanation is given in 442 words.