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    Prejudice and Discrimination

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    Distinguish between prejudice and discrimination. Which might be easiest to reduce? and how? Please provide examples. Please use following term (ethnicity, racism, minority, stereotype, genocide, segregation) in answering the questions.

    Please give me your personal views for understanding, not from a websites. If you could provide examples that would be fantastic too. I need a least 1 page double space insights. Thank you.

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    1. Distinguish between prejudice and discrimination.

    Prejudice is an attitude toward certain individuals and groups often described as an unproven negative preconception of individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion. On the other hand, discrimination is behaviour aimed toward or against an individual of a certain group or an entire group based on a specific class or category of minority status within the dominant society e.g. gender, race, religion or ethnicity. As well, discrimination can take various forms, but all discriminatory actions involve some type of rejection or exclusion.

    Although prejudice (attitude based on preconceptions of certain individuals or groups) and discrimination (behaviour) are two distinct phenomenon; they often work together. For example, prejudice and discrimination are cyclical in nature, where prejudice often leads to discriminatory behaviour, and discrimination then will reinforce or generate social and economic inequalities through discriminatory actions (segregation of Black Americans, American Indians, Japanese into the ghettos, reservations and camps, respectively) that in turn act to reinforce prejudice attitudes (hardens the attitude that minorities should be kept separate from the dominant society). In other words, prejudices ...

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