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    Ethical Issues Facing Today's Society

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    Describe basic ethical issues facing today's society. Use case studies to evaluate and apply theories in support of a personal position on ethical issues.

    3-4 pages including a reference list. The importance of ethics in business has long been identified as an essential component to success. However, unethical behaviors still occur in business, such as prejudice and discrimination. Explain why prejudice and discrimination behaviors are unethical and offer ideas as to how these behaviors might be avoided. Specifically in what ways could we decrease prejudice and discrimination in the business realm?

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    If we look at the business ethics, it is properly defined as the means of conducting a business with the standard norms, rules and regulations. Business that is successful and profitable in can act as a tremendous contributor towards the common goal of the society. And this is the reason that applying ethics in business makes a good sense for the society. It has been found out that for any company that exercises a good care while meeting all the objective and responsibility to its suppliers, employees and customer always gets awarded with the high degree of productivity in business, loyalty from customers, quality and honesty in business. So, its become very important to set a personal example to promote the ethical standards within the organization. As we know that it is most important for a person to perform ethically not only within the organization but also within his/her society or even in the family and this makes ethics an important factor not only in the business but all other aspect of life. This is the reason that any business or society that lacks ethical principle becomes a failure in his business or life..

    If we talk about discrimination it exists at all places. Discrimination comes in all forms. There is age discrimination, job discrimination, gender discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual discrimination; reverse discrimination etc. when it comes to prejudice it is negative attitude towards socially ...

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