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    Prejudice and discrimination - Unethical behaviors

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    The importance of ethics in business has long been identified as an essential component to success. Nevertheless, unethical behaviors such as prejudice and discrimination still occur in business. Common examples could include hiring and promoting based solely on gender, age, or physical disabilities. A more complicated type of prejudice is based on technological aptitude (or lack thereof). People who have a firm grasp on technology likely will have better job prospects, and this may be the reason why you are in school.

    Explain why prejudice and discrimination behaviors are unethical, and offer ideas as to how these behaviors might be avoided. Specifically, in what ways could people decrease prejudice and discrimination in the business realm?

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    Prejudice and discrimination are unethical in any forum. The word ethical is derived from the word ethics. Ethics is defined as a system of moral standards or values. These moral standards or values should be adhered to any business. Therefore, prejudice and discrimination behaviors are unethical because they are simply immoral. Prejudice is the way that someone feels about someone of another race or gender. All of these actions are immoral and therefore unethical. Prejudice and discrimination, in most forms, exist because of ignorance and lack of self esteem. Further, people are too guilty to try to change their views.

    Unethical behaviors of prejudice and discrimination might be avoided by:

    See: http://www.ehow.com/how_2048580_avoid-discrimination-hiring.html?ref=Track2&utm_source=ask

    1. If you are running a business, "Familiarize yourself with state and federal ...

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