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    A Change Management Plan

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    Question: You have just been hired to manage a new project that will involve not only the installation of a new company-wide computer system, but also the implementation of new processes. As project manager, you must create a project plan and a change management plan. Where do you begin? What should be your first task and why? Who should be part of the planning process? What problems could arise due to the changes? How will you measure the success of the change management plan?

    - Identify sources of conflict, conflict handling modalities/methodologies
    - Identify how the strategic project will impact the organization in terms of money, budget, revenue, etc.
    - People
    - Technology
    - Other.

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    Project Management
    Installation of a project of the wide Computer System Company and change in a process needs high and deep consideration of all the available and needed sources. Firstly, the plan includes an analysis part, where a manager analyzes the availability of resources to establish the company in a selected location. In the planning process, the manager should access the advice of communities and the person with knowledge of legal norms and rules so that the project will not face problems in legal and ethical terms. For the installation of the new company, the inclusion of these people is necessary, but for change management the manager should include an employees' leader or employer, who is familiar with their behavior (Kloppenborg, 2011. P. 26-32).

    It is necessary because it is the ...

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