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    communication needs identified

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    A project has the following four phases:

    For each phase, identify the communication needs and briefly describe how you will satisfy them.

    Your answer shall include:
    Method of communication (informal chat, report, presentation, e-mail, web, etc.)
    Type of information (what it contains)
    Its purpose (what it accomplishes)
    Input (where and how you get the information)
    Method of storage
    Frequency (daily, weekly, etc.)
    Formal documents (if any)
    Recipients along with their relationship to the project
    Party responsible for the communication/report (project manager, project team, designated member, etc.) and its maintenance (if any)

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    Concepts of Project

    This is the first phase and consists of a brief survey of the areas involved and will results in taking the project into the next phase, postponing development for a period or recommending that no further action be taken. Sometimes it is sub-divided into a preliminary investigation followed by a more detailed feasibility study. The phase is initiated by the management, who perceives the need because of the change or expected changes in the business environment, limitation or failure of existing system, or the awareness of technological advances relating to the particular area involved in a particular system, which the competitors are developing.

    Information system projects originate from many reasons:
    ? To achieve the greater speed in processing data.
    ? Better Accuracy
    ? Improved Consistency
    ? Faster Information retrieval.
    ? Integration of the business area
    ? Reduced Cost
    ? Better Security.

    Project Proposals originate with the department managers, senior executives and system analyst. Sometimes the real origin is an outside source, such as the government agency which stipulates a system requirements the organization must meet. When the request is made, the first system activity, the preliminary investigation begins.

    The heart of the any project is the detailed understanding of all-important facts of the area that is under investigations. The major tasks of this phase are a comprehensive description of the present system and operations.

    This is the first and foremost stage of the project development life cycle. Generally the need of the project arises from chatting to another person. For example, if task about the library management project, then chatting can be done with the member of the library, about the drawbacks and limitation of the library tasks.
    The major information, which is being concluded in this stage, is:
    ? What is being done?
    ? How it is being done?
    ? How frequently does it occur?
    ? How well the task being performed?
    The main accomplishment of the concept phase is:
    ? Request Clarification.
    ? Feasibility study.
    ? Request Proposal

    Sources from where we get the information about the concept phase of development

    During the preparation of the concept phase of the development cycle, information must be gathered from many sources. Within the organization the information will be gathered from the from the users, managers and system developers. Users and managers must be ...

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    For each phase, identify the communication needs and briefly describe how you will satisfy them.