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Material Resource Planning Systems

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The CEO of the organization has commissioned a task force to investigate and determine whether a material resource planning (MRP) system should be considered for the organization.

What is the MRP system, and what are its capabilities?
How is the system useful to an organization? What are the pros and cons of this system?

Sample Web sites are as follows:
Sample MRP 1 http://www.oracle.com/index.html--- Oracle Engineered Systems
Extreme, optimized performance for all aspects of your business.
Sample MRP 2 http://www.compaire.com/--- A great name like compaire.com can pay for itself many times over.
Sample MRP 3 http://www.jfire.net/---- JFire is an Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management system.
Sample MRP 4 http://www.ecisolutions.com/-- Software Solutions. the leader in industry specific business software
Group Portion: After each group member has conducted individual research on an MRP system, the group will review each individual's research and address the following:
Explain the pros and cons of each system as it relates to plant management,
Identify, as a group, the best MRP, Explain why this MRP is the best choice for effective plant management
Charts and/or tables should be included to show the pros and cons of each system.

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Since there is no indication of the industry or business I can only outline the basics, which I have done here. If you have any further questions, please ask.

Ecisolutions offers a manufacturing ERP system that is integrated and expandable, with customized modules to fit the business needs. Offering an integrated system streamlines the processes of the manufacturer and means less problems than using different software packages for different jobs or departments. The ECi software works for manufacturers and can be modified for different types of manufacturing or different size organizations.

The software program makes scheduling production more efficient, while making the best use of resources when creating schedules. It helps to ...

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