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    WalMart's forecasting

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    1. How well does your company forecast their sales? Does the forecasting allow sufficient time for Operations to respond? Does operations perform any adjustments to the forecast to ensure on-time delivery or prevent excess inventory?

    2.How well does your company's business system (ERP, MRP or Accounting/Business Package) support the operations? If it does not support it effectively or efficiently what changes would you make and why?

    3. Any examples of Ops Managers that are in serious need of improvement. what were the attributes or tendencies that made the ill suited for the role?

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    Wal-Mart is a global retail company which operates worldwide in retail market. According to its sales level the company is counted among the top companies of the world. The company does its sales forecasting on different time basis. The company gets its good sales as it does its sales forecasting in a very effective manner. The company forecasts its sales to estimates the future sales. According to the past data, the company has gained a huge amount of revenue in past few years, which shows that the sales forecasting of the company is very effective. According to current data, Wal-Mart has gained a good growth in sales due to its effective sales forecasting (Wal-Mart, 2009).

    The sales forecasting allows a very sufficient time for the company's operations to respond. The company does its forecasting for different time periods which makes the company determine scheduling of production and operations easily. With the proper scheduling of production and operations, the company gets sufficient time for operations to respond. There is no adjustment between the operations and the sales forecasting ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 653 Words, APA references