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    Walmart's inventory management

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    I need help finding a company or organization that has good inventory management procedures. Does this company use VMI? Could it use VMI? What does it use to ensure it has the right inventory at the right time and control the costs? What sources can I use to support this information?

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    The company chosen for this assignment is Walmart, the world's largest retailer and pioneer of the low cost retailing model. Walmart's global leadership as a low cost retailer has been successful due to a very innovative supply chain management approach, including inventory management. Walmart's supply chain and allied activities including inventory management is considered a benchmark for global firms.

    Walmart has pioneered the use of Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI. Walmart uses advanced technological tools such as RFID to track the movement of goods and identify shortages and surpluses in the ...

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    The expert discusses Walmart's inventory management strategies. References are provided to aid in the understanding.