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Selecting the Best Software

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Your group is a management team for a large electronics manufacturing company. You are tasked with selecting the best software packages for the firm's materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, inventory control, shop floor control, and production planning scheduling needs.

This project has two parts:

Part 1
In the first part of the project, group members should work together to identify the specifics of your company: size, products, production schedule, what your company is capable of producing daily, when and how you order supplies, when and how you purchase supplies, shipping and distribution requirements. Once you have a handle on what your company needs are, each team member should use the Library and other Web resources to evaluate at least six software systems available and the pros and cons of each.

Which software you recommend and why.

Part 2
After you have read each other's postings, you must work together as a group and come to consensus as to which software best meets the need of your manufacturing company. Based on the the information gathered, you will work together as a group to write a "Software Recommendations Report" that you will submit to the chief executive. Justify your recommendations by analyzing the pros and cons of each of the six software systems you evaluated. You will need to include information such as cost, compatibility with current systems and work flow processes, functionality, ease of use, and end user support

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//This paper discusses about the best and most suitable software packages for the manufacturing processes of the organization. The paper is divided into two parts. First part is about identifying the best software for the manufacturing processes and the second part is software recommendation report. First we will discuss about the company and its manufacturing processes.//
About the company:
ABC Company is a large sized and growing company in manufacturing of computer peripherals. In 2005, revenue was 262 crores, and after that, the revenue has been increasing every year. ABC online offerings have a wide product range. It includes Printers, UPS and Keyboards. The products are hi-tech and maintain quality. Production schedule includes the activities in the production and relationships between the activities. Company's manufacturing process can be defined as, detailed resources and procedures that are involved in each job. In the production schedule, capacity is estimated with the demand and raw material. The company has a high capacity of daily production and order is placed every 15 days. There is requirement of shipping once a week.
//Above, we have provided a description of the company and its manufacturing process. In addition to this, the requirements of production and material planning have been given. Next, we will talk about six software that could be used in general for the manufacturing activities of the company. The software are recommended according to the specific manufacturing processes.//

The six software that are considered for the manufacturing activities of the ABC company are Sage MAS 500, S2K software, M1 ERP software, Advanced planner and optimizer(APO) of SAP, Inventory executive system software, and Macola ES's SFC.

Sage MAS 500 software: This software provides manufacturers with, expanded capabilities and flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of the organization. The software serves for activities, such as, advanced manufacturing, advanced planning and scheduling, Material requirement Planning, Project management and Shop floor control. For MRP, the Advance tools are used to estimate the material requirements of the large organizations. It uses the past data and formulas for refilling the stock to know the material requirement. This software provides other statistics as quantities available in the stock and purchase orders. It has a single screen planning. MRP information will be generated through Internet and it is an effective way to use the data. This software provides version for specific material planning of each warehouse and for single main & central software. Management can modify their plans before generation of MRP. Another feature of software is that it is efficient in transfer of material supplier warehouse to subsidiary warehouse.

Approximate price range for software is $30000 - $200000. It can not be used for all the activities of the company (SAGE MAS 500, 2010).

S2K SOFTWARE: S2K Enterprise provides robust tools to manage and analyze every aspect of the business for manufacturing. Although, modular in design, S2K's manufacturing applications deliver world class solutions for forecasting, manufacturing orders, CRP, MRP, shop floor control, and quality control. When combined with Distribution applications of S2K that consists of Financial Management, Order Processing, Sales Analysis, Purchasing and Warehouse Management, a comprehensive solution for managing manufacturing operations is provided to the company. The cost of the software range from 80k-150k, which is higher, compared to SAGE MAS 500 (S2K software for Manufacturing, 2010).

M1 Enterprise resource planning software : The software by Browen and Graves is developed for medium to large manufacturers that includes job shops. M1 provides complete mechanization and combination from estimating through invoicing. It has the ability of being flexible and supports modification that gives guarantee that business work will be completed easily. This ERP software has several features as accounting, billing, maintaining customer database, Production management, personnel Management, Financial management and also includes purchasing, sales, logistics operations. ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2528 words with references.