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    Advantages & Disadvantages of Customized Software

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    A company may take a highly informal approach to purchasing customized software, selecting a package and VAR because the company owner hears favorable comments about the VAR and software from a friend or relative in the same industry.

    Often this ad hoc approach to evaluation results in selecting software that does not meet the information needs of the purchaser. A more formal search process usually produces better results. What are the advantages and disadvantages of customized software?

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    Advantages of customized software ~ customizing packaged software helps a company meet more of its information requirements. A company that customizes software also reduces its dependency on the software manufacturer to make needed changes: For example, the company can fix bugs without waiting for the manufacturer's next release. If the company uses a VAR to do the ...

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    In a 235 word analysis, the solution presents several advantages and disadvantages of customized software.