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    6 Software Packages Needed to Perform MRP, CRP and ERP

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    Consider the following scenario:

    As part of the management team for PPQ Parts manufacturing company, you are tasked with selecting the best software packages for the firm's materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs.

    Use the Internet, course materials and web resources to research the pros and cons of six software systems designed to perform these functions. Then, write a Software Recommendations Report that you will submit to the chief executive.

    In the report, be sure to justify your recommendations by analyzing the pros and cons of each of the six software systems you evaluated.

    You will need to include information such as cost, compatibility with current systems and work flow processes, functionality, ease of use, and end user support.

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    In order to reduce costs, improve service, grow sales, we can use vehicles that improve access to information with software tracking packages including MRP, ERP, and CRP.


    MRP is a business acronym for Material, or Manufacturing Resource Planning. MRP software can track the manufacturing, and material requirements, for manufacturers. They can allow our company to better manage inventory, offer a window in our production capacity, and track production cycle times through work orders. These work orders include bill of materials that specify amount of material and parts needed, the steps and operations in production, and tracks the work through various stages.

    1. JobBOSS

    The first MRP software that i can suggest is JobBOSS. It is one of the most popular quoting, planning, and manufacturing execution systems in the market today. It is most often adopted by small to mid-sized job shops using Quickbooks, Excel, and/or paper folders looking to streamline operations, improve visibility, and grow revenue. The software package offers complete functionality for sales quoting, order and job creation, job scheduling (both infinite and finite capacity), material requirements planning (MRP), and manufacturing execution (MES) / shop floor control. We find that one key selling point for many JobBoss users is the fact that it can integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks, or be sold with its own accounting module. JobBOSS is offered in three different packages (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise). As a result, many firms will adopt it with the comfort of knowing they can grow with the system over time.

    Pros :
    -Customizable ...

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