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Question about software packages

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Need help with:

1. Identifying various software systems available to firms in these materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management, inventory control, shop floor control, and production planning scheduling needs and the pros and cons of each system.

2. How do you a write a "Software Recommendations Report" to the chief executive in which you recommend specific software systems for the firm? What would it look like withe the info obtained above? How would you justify the recommendation of comparable software systems?

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I am attaching a power point presentation that gives a very in depth discussion of the systems you mentioned in question #1.

I couldn't find anything particular about a software recommendation report. Please look at these website - ...

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Careers in Information Systems, PERT, Gnatt charts, responsibilities of Chief Knowledge Officer, description of different enterprise application software packages.

1. Research a specific career in information systems. Some examples of this include systems analyst, programmer, or CIO. Determine what qualifications an individual with this position would need to have and what functions he or she would perform on a daily basis.

2. In considering the career that you researched for #1: describe the extent to which a person in that career will utilize Porter's Five Forces.

3. Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, research salary information for the career that you chose in #1. Use information that is specific to the region in which you were born or currently reside. If you are unable to locate information on the exact position, select another that you feel is close in terms of function. Describe the current conditions that either positively or negatively impact that salary.

4. What role would a person in the career that you included in your 1 play in determining the acquisition of a new system?

5. Many organizations consider the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) as a leadership position. Use the Internet to research and determine the responsibilities related to this role. CKO, express your findings and assessment of an organizational need to have a distinct role for this function or if these responsibilities should be shared by others in the organization.

6. To what extent will a person who is currently in the career that you researched for #1 implement an Executive Support System (ESS)? What are some items that you would want an ESS to consider?

7. Explore and describe two different enterprise application software packages. Describe the influence that an enterprise application has on a business plan. Explain the role that the position you described in #1 would play in determining whether or not to purchase the application. What role would this position play in implementing the software?

8. Assess whether the position you described in #1 will be more impacted by event-driven review or time-driven review. Describe how each review procedure affects this career.

9. A Gantt chart, also known as a PERT chart, is a tool that is used to manage and control a project. Discuss the purpose, value, benefits, and problems of using Gantt charts (using information that you researched on the Web). Include your opinion of the benefits and drawbacks to using this type of chart for such a project.

10. Why is selecting a systems development approach an important business decision? Who should participate in the selection process? Support your opinion.

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