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    What Makes Software Important?

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    What makes software so important? List a number of ways that software has an impact on our life. List at least five non-computer related businesses where software has a significant, if 'behind the scenes' impact.

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    Factors that Increase the Importance of Software

    In today's environment, the use of software is important for the individuals as well as organizations to develop the knowledge about the particular thing. The software is the soul of computer that helps the individuals and companies to create effective work in the particular field. Through the use of software in computer, companies or individuals can develop the strategies, mathematic calculations, plans, graphs, write letters and so on. Different software in computer is essential for the daily life of the individual or organization in order to effectively establish their life. Without the software, computers are useless and it looks like a common body of a machine (Abrahamsson, 2008).

    Different types of software in computers are using by the different types of organizations, according to their uses and benefits. There is various software that different organizations uses such as architecture software, project management software, engineering software, management software, ERP, SAP and accounting software etc. (Proctor & Vu , 2005). The cost is also an important factor that increases significance of software in the organization. It is identified that through the use of different software, companies can cut their operational costs in effective way. It is because by using software; companies can reduce their workforce and complete the work through using software in effective way. Quality is another factor that makes the ...

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