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    Software proposal case: Leadership Business Strategy

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    1. Analyze Leadership Business Strategy based on the software proposal case.


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    // Before answering such question one must analyze the case proposal first. In this paper the case of soft software proposal has been taken. To begin with the paper, we must first start with a short introduction of the topic. Like this.//


    Software proposal case is related to a large insurance company named Middleton Mutual. The company is currently doing its overall operations manually. Now the company is having a proposal to adopt new software for its operations. The top level managers or leaders of the company, Dennis Devereaux and Max Vargo want to apply this expert system software in the company. The proposal is presented to the President and other members of the company.

    The leadership business strategy should give proper vision and direction to the company's business. The two main components of a leadership strategy are formulation of new systems and their implementation. Although both the ...

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