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Classifying Transactions on a Statement of Cash Flows

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Classifying transactions on a Statement of Cash Flows

Transaction Source, Use Activity Reported in a Separate Not on the
or Neither Operating Investing Financing Schedule Statement
Common stock was sold for cash.
Interest was paid on a note, decreasing Interest Payable

Bonds were retired.
A long-term loan was made to a subsidiary.

Interest was receivedon the loan
in (d) above, reducing Interest
A stock dividend was declared and issued on common stock.

A building was acquired by issuing shares of common stock.

Equipment was sold for cash.
Short-term investments sold.
Cash dividends were declared and paid.
Preferred stock was converted into common stock.
Declared Income Taxes, a long-term liability, was reduced.
Dividends were received on stock of another company held as an investment.
Equipment was purchased by giving a long-term note to seller.

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