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    Classify Industries as Emerging

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    Listed below are 10 industries. Classify each one as

    (a) emerging,
    (b) rapid-growth,
    (c) mature/slow-growth,
    (d) stagnant/declining, or
    (e) high-velocity/turbulent, and
    (f) fragmented.

    Do research on the Internet, if needed, to locate information on industry conditions and reach a conclusion on what classification to assign each of the following:

    (1) Exercise and fitness industry

    (2) Dry cleaning industry

    (3) Poultry industry

    (4) Camera film and film-developing industry

    (5) Wine, beer, and liquor retailing

    (6) Watch industry

    (7) Cell phone industry

    (8) Recorded music industry (CDs, tapes)

    (9) Computer software industry

    (10) Newspaper industry

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    (1) Exercise and fitness industry-(b) Rapid Growth-Individuals are focusing more on living a healthier lifestyle. Mass media has gone through great lengths to publicize the importance of health and wellness in an effort to reduce the growing epidemic of obesity. Therefore, it is my conclusion that this industry falls under the category of rapid-growth.

    (2) Dry cleaning industry-(d) Stagnate/declining-it is believed that there is a plethora of hazardous chemicals associated with dry cleaning establishments. As a result of societal efforts of becoming a green environment that is geared towards protecting our planet, the use of dry cleaners may soon decline especially in today's technological age where individuals are equipped with products that will allow users to complete the dry cleaning task themselves as opposed to seeking a professional to do it.

    (3) Poultry industry-(e) High-Velocity/Turbulent-The poultry industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, for the reason that poultry is in high demand in most cultures and the average consumption from consumers is ...

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