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Utilization of Information Technology in churches in the U.S

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1. I need help with 2 pages overview of how churches in the U.S, especially mega churches, use information technology. e.g big screens to the smallest of the church instruments.

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The churches of the United States have come to the conclusion that information technology is a boon and facilitate the broadening of church membership base around the world.

This discussion will point to the fact that majority of the U.S. churches have embraced the technology.

The Church of the Nazarene (2011) recognizes the role of IT in spreading the gospel. In fact, the church utilizes '400 computers and the networking support system on the Global Ministry Center campus, answering over 1,600 help calls annually, making it possible for instantaneous communication with Nazarenes around the world'.

In using information technology, the mission of Information Technology is to facilitate the application and use of information technology for the strategic plans of the Global Ministry Center. Specifically it aims:

- To provide leadership to the personnel in their use ...

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The solution shows how churches in the United States utilized technological innovations in spreading Christianity.

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