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    Pattern of communication in the church

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    What are the difference patterns of communication in the church?

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    Patterns of communication in the church

    i) participatory church communication
    - is a method that is counter-culture. It is not communication that manipulate, self-serving and using power to persuade rather it is a method that emphasizes equality, sharing ideas, serving others and offers respect and creativity.
    - in this form of communication, the church adopts a pattern or culture of invitation. For example, church members are invited to attend meetings or gatherings to share ideas, suggestions and openly encourage work groups to further ministry programs. These invitation can be through individual invitations, open invitations in church bulletins, newsletters and announcements on the web or during service.
    - this method is democratic and inclusive.
    -this method is transparent and shows good faith in its members.

    ii)adapting technology for clear and direct communication
    - technology is efficient and often is a useful ...

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