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    Bacharach and Lawler

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    Organizational Behavior - Bacharach and Lawler identify a number of different ways in which actors come to control power resources. Describe power resources and give details and explanations of their research. In what ways are power resources practically worked out in an organization?

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    //Bacharach and Lawler gave power resources as the ways in which the individual can control the operations to have effective utilization of resources and to achieve the organizational goals. This paper will help in understanding their context and helps in identifying the ways in which they can be practically implemented in an organization//

    Bacharach and Lawler provided power resources as the authority to control the operations of the individual's actions. It is the strategy through which the higher authorities influence the behavior of the subordinates. There are two things in power resources namely bases of power and sources of power. The bases of power as they said is the controlling party that influence the work of another individual and sources of power is revealed as the measures ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 566 words with references.