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    Important Information about Scientific Theories

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    Much of scientific inquiry is focused on developing and evaluating theories.

    There are four major criteria that are used to evaluate theories:
    1. Explains the past; predicts the future
    2. Testable and falsifiable
    3. Parsimonious
    4. Promotes research

    A) When evaluating a theory, which of these criteria do you think is the most important, the least important, and why?

    B) Do all of these criteria need to be satisfied for the theory to be considered a valid or good theory?

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    Scientific Theories:

    Theories are meant to provide conceptual framework in the analysis of any type of a phenomena. It is imperative to state that the theory will hence have to be useful for this to be attained. The theoretical evaluation criterion that has been deemed to be the most appropriate is parsimony. It is one of the frequently used criterion in the process of assessing the validity of theories. This approach is based on the fact that the main aim of the theory is to explain reality through ...

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