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Theories and Theorists: Public Administration

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Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Please be informed that I am pursuing a Ph.D at Walden University, in Public Policy and Administration. This assignment will be followed by another two assignments based on it. Please help me with the following questions.

This week, you will submit the Theories and Theorists assignment from Week 3.

The assignment:
- Craft a 4- to 5-page response in which you address the following instructions and questions:

o Identify two key theories in your field.

o Identify the theorist(s) and sources of the theories (key articles or books) in your discipline.

o Describe the basic tenets of these theories.

o Analyze the relationship between the two theories that you have found.

o Explain why these theories are so important to your discipline and how they relate to the research that you are interested in doing.

o Include a reference list for the five "classics" or influential works you have found

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Solution Summary

The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above), on the topic of key theories in public administration. Discussed are the Classic Theory and the Scientific Management theory. The solution suggests an outline for such a paper and provides a list of resources to further explore the topic.

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Dear Student,

Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular task, you are asking for assistance in completing the response as it relates to your field. I would assume that both can be useful - either functionalism or Marxism (especially the conflict theory element being that public administration requires such an understanding of social dynamics). But since you need to be particular, I would suggest theories of governance. The outline would be something like this, but you will have to provide an input about your field:

1. About Public Policy and Administration - 150 words
2. About theory 1 - 150 words
3. About theory 2 - 150 words
4. Relevance of both in your field and your own interest in them - 150 words

Since this is guide, I can only provide suggestions of ways of approaching a response and ideas that can be used - how you will reflect on the relevance of the suggested theories will depend entirely on your interests and views. I have listed resources that you can further utilize for this assignment. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones


About Public Policy and Administration

As a student in the field of Public Policy and Administration, I am drawn towards theories that explain, explore and provide solutions to tackling issues with relations to governance, policy construction and practice as well as administration of social and government agencies. The field, especially in the US, is particularly heavy on political science and law and many undergraduate students take up the course in preparation for a law degree or a career in politics. The field provides key social scientific background in terms of understanding the functions, risks to and legitimacy of government and governance. An overall understanding of public policy promotes the importance of nations, politics, ideology and citizenship in terms of allowing the stability and continuity of national structures and national and international identities. Public management - which is another way of terming public policy and administration - is one of the key ways of achieving public good (Dubois & Fattore 2009). In other words, governments and structures that support society are only good if they are ...

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