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    Human Resources/Strategic Leadership

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    I need assistance in compiling information for a 2 part question

    1. Lawler III, E.E (2003) proposes the diamond model for organizational effectiveness. Discuss one of the four of the four corners of his model. Discuss what that factor might look like in a military organization. How does that determinate of effectiveness relate to "the human side" of the organization.

    2. Why does "bureaucracy seem the fate of all institutions that grow old, large or respectable?" ( Greenleaf, 1977) How can servant leaders influence this outcome?

    Thanks to anyone who can assist.

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    While I don't have access to those specific texts, I can help you with the concepts. Also, I think I found what lawler said at this link: http://unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/public/documents/UN/UNPAN001316.pdf. Page 18 is the diamond model.

    So we basically have 4 corners, which are strategy, competencies, capabilities, and environment. This assignment question is actually fairly tricky,in that you should decide which corner applies most easily to military organizations. I would suggest focusing on either strategy or capabilities. ...

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    The solution discusses what the Diamon Model is (and how it applies), relates that to a military organization, and then disusses bureaucracy as a function of institutional age.