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    Effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal

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    The effectiveness of the performance appraisal is often a topic of debate. Read the Forbes article, "Eliminating Performance Appraisals". Based on the content of the article, identify three key points related to the author's position on the elimination of performance appraisals. From the view of the manager and using the concepts found in our text, prepare a rebuttal to the article discussing each of the key points you identified and define the reasons why the performance appraisal should not be eliminated. Develop a potential solution to the performance appraisal debate, keeping in mind the intent of the appraisal and the desired outcome for both the organization and the employees. Support your solutions with a minimum of one outside resource.

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    Employee performance appraisals can be unpleasant activities for both the employee and the manager for reasons outlined in the article entitled "Eliminating Performance Appraisals" by USC professor Edward Lawler. For this reason, some management professionals recommend that they be eliminated. Three reasons for this position are:

    1 It is a waste of time.

    2 The alienation of employees and the creation of conflicts between them
    and their supervisors can occur.

    However, Lawler does not advocate eliminating performance appraisals, he would prefer to see their being used only when necessary, instead of as a regularly scheduled activity. He stated:

    "An interesting alternative is to require performance appraisals only where they are necessary. One approach organizations can take to eliminating unnecessary performance appraisals is to focus on identifying those managers who have the motivation, management skills, and behaviors that make their doing formal performance appraisals unnecessary. In essence, this approach identifies managers who are good managers and leaders and, as a result, do not need to do performance appraisals. They can be certified as not needing to do performance appraisals with ...

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    This is a critique of an article by USC Professor Edward Lawler disagreeing with his proposal to confine the use of regular employee performance appraisals to those companies that need them, or not to have them at all in some companies.