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    Assessment Tools and Their Effectiveness

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    Once participants have completed the management track, you will need to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Develop an assessment tool for immediate feedback of the track that measures the performance of your training team. In addition, you need to develop a tool that will determine if participants have passed or failed the program. Develop a plan for follow-up, to measure the effectiveness of the training content and its application on the job. You may assume that trainees that successfully complete the track will move into a project lead, supervisory or management position quickly, since the company is experiencing rapid growth.

    Can you provide any information on assessment tools and their effectiveness?

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    Training is an important aid to managers for developing themselves as well as their subordinates. Training can bring about an improvement in a person's:

    o Knowledge
    o Skills
    o Attitude

    There by raising his potential to perform better on the job.

    Evaluation of Training

    Evaluation is about examining that the training is producing the desired objectives and adding value through efficient and well-managed processes. The assessment helps in shortcomings about the training programs and taking action to make it more effective.
    Evaluation is itself a learning process. Training which has been planned and delivered is reflected on. Views on how to do it better are formulated and tested .The outcome may be to

    ? Abandon the training
    ? Redesign the training - new sequence, new methods, new content, new trainer
    ? Redesign the preparation/pre-work - new briefing material, new pre-course work
    ? Rethink the timing of the training - earlier or later in people's career, earlier or later in the training programme, earlier or later in the company calendar
    ? Leave well alone

    Thus the focus of training also needs to undergo a change. In a de - jobbed environment with rapidly changing technology. Today's facts are tomorrow's misinformation; therefore we need to impart ways to manipulate data, rather than ...

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