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Identifying an Issue & writing a report on the issue

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Identify an Issue

Your final project for this class will be to create a proposal to present to either a School Board or a Corporate Board, depending upon your chosen field, which will use technology to present information to the Board to address an identified issue using the assessment tool that you will choose to be the "best" to address this issue. Your identified issue must focus on a training/instructional issue in which high learner results are expected with the use of your one chosen assessment tool. You are to assume that you are the leading expert in your district/company on this issue. During each week of this course, you will be creating, analyzing, or researching assessment tools that will be used in the final culminating project. You may want to view each week's assignment prior to starting on this week's task to identify the overall expectations required for the culminating project.

This week's task is to identify an issue that can be addressed using technology-based assessment within your chosen profession. Please be specific in identifying your issue so that a person outside your chosen profession could read your paper and understand the problem/issue you will be solving. Your written summary of the issue needs to be approximately 1-2 pages long and include the following:

a. Measurable objective(s)

b. Detailed description of the issue you have chosen

c. The audience that will be affected by addressing this issue

d. The characteristics (social, emotional, intellectual, etc.) of the intended audience

e. The rationale as to why this is a issue within your chosen field

f. Challenges you may encounter as you prepare the necessary documentation to present this information using technology to the School Board/Corporate Board

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My chosen field of study is the effectiveness of the use of on-line tests library, using which, students can learn to practice and improve their test taking strategies as well as revise their course content. This assessment tool method is scalable to both in-school supplementary on line help resource as well as a full-fledge on line assessment tool for any educational settings, including on the job training and teacher training modules.

a. Measurable objective(s) include: critical thinking skills defined as skill of being able to apply learnt course materials to solve problems presented in questions and statements.

b. Detailed description of the issue you have chosen: All students, but particularly adult students, prefer to take practice exams, before the real test day such as a standardized test. Practice tests in the form of assessment tools, will enable students to develop their strategies for effective test-taking.

c. The audience that will be affected by ...

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Identifying an Issue & writing a report on the issue, proposal writing : online assessment tool development of its evaluation

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