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    Enterprise applications, communication systems, and intranets

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    How do enterprise applications, collaboration and communication systems, and intranets improve organizational performance? Give examples to illustrate your answer.

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    Enterprise systems, collaboration, communication systems and intranets all have 1 feature in common-sharing.

    Enterprise systems are information technology systems that cross departmental borders. Typically, they are integrated systems which utilize a centralized database. In this way, data from different modules flows into the centralized database.

    This has several advantages:

    1) Shared reality: Because of the centralized database, all members of the organization are able to view the same information. This allows managers and executives to answer question such as which department is responsible for the greatest revenue etc.

    2) Decision Support: The shared database can be used to create a Data Warehouse. The data ...

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    This solution explains how enterprise application, communication systems and intranets help to improve an company's performance. The solution focuses particularly on enterprise application and only defines collaboration and communication systems and intranets. Additionally, the solution includes three reference sources for further research of the topic.