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Communication: Managing Project Communications

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Describe the tools a project manager may use to control and manage project communications. What are some possible results of ineffective communication?

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A discussion regarding the tools a project manager can use to control and manage project communications including progress reports and team meetings. Also, a discussion regarding the potential consequences of ineffective communication including unhappy stakeholders and confusion regarding project progress. 356 words.

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The main role of a project manager is to ensure the project is performing as it should be to reach a successful completion. This requires many skills but the one that is of the utmost importance is that of communication. Throughout the project, the project management is responsible for communicating all aspects of the project to different stakeholders. The best way to determine the reporting needs for stakeholders is to ask them at the beginning of the project. This isn't always possible so communication is often tailored to the stakeholder level. This means that the communication will ...

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