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Barriers and Challenges Surrounding Project Management Communication

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For this activity, you are going to create a minimum 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation on the barriers and challenges surrounding project management communication. You should act as though you are presenting this in a business professional environment to people who are new to project management. Within the presentation, you should address the barriers to effective communication in a project, its purpose, the elements of a project communication plan, and how it can address these challenges. You should also describe what is needed to conduct an effective meeting and provide a summary (within your presentation) of various collaboration tools to enhance the project experience. Again, this presentation should be business professional and cater to those who are new to the project management experience. You should use Times New Roman, 12 point font throughout your presentation. Any sources used throughout the presentation (including your textbook) should be appropriately cited using APA style writing.

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Here are structured key points (based on research) that will help you to complete your powerpoint. Refer to references if you would like to read further and gain more knowledge about project management communication.

Slide 1:
Purpose: To present on the barriers and challenges surrounding project management communication.

Audience: New professionals to project management

Slide 2: Introduction to Project management
Project management is the supervision and control of the work required to complete the project vision. The project team carries out the work needed to complete the project, while the project manager schedules, monitors, and controls the various project tasks. (Phillips, 2009)
Project management is comprised of the following nine knowledge areas:
Project integration management - This knowledge area focuses on creating the project charter, the project scope statement, and a viable project plan. Once the project is in motion, project integration management is all about monitoring and controlling the work
 Project scope management - This knowledge area deals with the planning, creation, protection, and fulfillment of the project scope.
 Project time management - Time management is crucial to project success. This knowledge area covers activities, their characteristics, and how they fit into the project schedule. This is where you and the project team will define the activities, plot out their sequence, and calculate how long the project duration will actually take.
 Project cost management - Cost is always a constraint in project management. This knowledge area is concerned with the planning, estimating, budgeting, and control of costs. Cost management is tied to time and quality management—screw either of these up and the project costs will increase.
 Project quality management - What good is a project that's done on time if the scope isn't complete, the work is faulty, or the deliverable is horrible? Well, it's no good. This knowledge area centers on quality planning, assurance, and control.
 Project human resource management - This knowledge area focuses on organizational planning, staff acquisition, and team development. You have to somehow acquire your project team, develop this team, and then lead them to the project results.
 Project communications management - Ninety percent of a project manager's time is spent communicating. This knowledge area details how communication happens and shows how to plan for communications within any project.
 Project risk management - Every project has risks. This knowledge area focuses on risk planning, analysis, ...

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This solution presents barriers and challenges surrounding project management communication. It also provides ways to address these barriers and challenges, and effective collaboration tools in project management.