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    Your company, HLR Inc., is about to implement a major ...

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    Your company, HLR Inc., is about to implement a major initiative that will impact many aspects of the organization and that will have a significant cost. This is the largest project ever undertaken by the company, and it must be completed within 18 months. It will involve the people at headquarters, as well as two remote sites, one of which is in a foreign country. It will be led by the information technology (IT) department. You have been assigned to lead the entire project.

    Until recently, HLR has not been very disciplined in its IT project management. In the past, IT projects have not been completed within budget or on time. Though you have the support of the CIO, who understands the value of project management, not all the business units that will be affected by this project share this understanding. For many of them, project management is viewed as limiting and unnecessary. You know that one of your first major battles will be to get the business units and IT managers to understand your role and the value that project management brings to the organization.

    Implementing this project "standard customer relationship management processes"involves business process reengineering and a large system implementation. Staff resources have been allocated for this project from IT and from the following major business units:

    Sales (Chicago Headquarters and Ottawa, Canada): Establishes and maintains the relationship with the lease customer and needs to be aware of the status of lease arrangements and customer problems
    Product fulfillment (Denver and Ottawa): Processes, evaluates, and approves development and leasing contracts; recommends change requests to customers, and updates project scope information if approved by change control board
    Customer service (Denver): Resolves problems for customers by implementing conflict management process to handle customer issues; updates approved changes to customer information
    Billing (Chicago): Deals with rental payments, invoice issues, and follow-ups; updates approved changes to customer information; provides financial information to sales and executive management
    Marketing (Chicago): Reviews sales and future development data and determines marketing opportunities
    Currently, each business unit uses a different information system and set of manual processes. Customer information is stored in several databases and is not consistent across systems. Marketing must gather information from multiple systems and does not feel that the data are very accurate. Significant business and future development opportunities are consistently lost because of these data problems.

    Within the organization, there is a lack of experienced and skilled human resources available to successfully complete this project. The software vendor to be selected will need to provide many of the technical staff because IT has focused solely on maintaining legacy systems in the past. The current business unit managers are primarily responsible for defining new processes and data requirements and are not very knowledgeable about the project groups. They do not realize that expert knowledge is possessed by the lower level staff members who execute the daily tasks.

    During annual strategic planning, senior management identified this project as critical for the entire organization. HLR has experienced a 25% growth in sales development over the past year. Growth for the next year is hoped to be over 35%. Growth will be achieved through targeting new markets, expansion, and the introduction of several mall and development plans. To achieve this growth, aggressive project forecasting will be needed to provide realistic, accurate project data to achieve these goals.

    Frustrated by the lack of understanding and buy-in for project management, and you voice your frustration at your next PMI chapter meeting. You ask fellow members to consider organizations they have worked with in the past and how those organizations viewed project management. Is it a valued skill? Is it a unique career path? How could those views affect a project manager's
    ability to effectively manage projects?

    Research the different viewpoints and barriers that a new project manager might face.
    How is project management viewed within organizations?
    What value can project management bring to an organization?
    What barriers exist within the field of project management?

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    When we research differing viewpoints in the area of project management, and more specifically, the need for project management, we see that there are common themes. When there are differing opinions on the viewpoints of project management, a lack of communication is typically the key factor. The main barrier that project managers face is communication issues. New project managers are susceptible to an even greater degree of communication barriers because new project managers lack the degree of experience - which is actually a benefit in many respects because it allows the project manager to grow within his or her field and to acquire the communication skills along the way that directly combat project management barriers.
    Several other barriers exist, including a lack of proper project staffing for the new project manager and a lack of cooperation between the departments and agencies that the project manager needs to utilize. When we assess all barriers in project management that a new project manager faces, including these barriers, the main issue is that they stall projects and also are a direct cause of a lack of innovation. When project managers aren't free to innovate and manage as needed, the project begins to acquire additional risks, which further complicates the project.
    When we ...

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    Research the different viewpoints and barriers that a new project manager might face.
    How is project management viewed within organizations?
    What value can project management bring to an organization?
    What barriers exist within the field of project management?