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    The Evolution of Project Management at Quixtar

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    Read the Case Study titled "The Evolution of Project Management at Quixtar" in the Kerzner text. In this firm the account executives are being trained in project management so that they can be more effective in dealing with independent business owners.

    Describes the role of communications at Quixtar as the firm carries out its new business strategy. Discuss any changes or improvements in communications that you would suggest which would aid in the transformation of account executives and their clients to a higher level of skill.

    The book used in this case study is:

    Kerzner, H. (2010). Project management case studies. (3rd ed.). New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

    Please see attached file for the case.

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    The role of the Communications department at Quixtar has changed in two ways. First, the Communications department is now targeting their communications based on the audience. "We view our department's evolution as a shift from being all things to all people all the time, to delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time." Secondly, the Communication department now serves a central role as a Project Manager Training office, disseminating the project management methodology throughout the organization. As a result, other departments -notably Information Technology have picked up the Project Management mantle.

    Originally, the communication department had functioned as an internal service agency, which disseminated information based on the needs of other departments. Under the leadership of Beth Dornan, the Communication Department decided to target their communication to the audience and more importantly, to align the Communication Plan with Quixtar's Strategic Plan. This paradigm shift meant that the Communication Department was no longer simply distributing information blindly, but rather they were effectively engaging in Organizational Project Management. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI)-"Organizational project management is the systematic management of projects, programs, and portfolios in alignment with the achievement of strategic goals. The concept of organizational project management is based on the idea that there is a correlation between an organization's capabilities in project management, program management, and portfolio management, and the organization's effectiveness in implementing strategy."

    As the Communication Department changed their focus from ...

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    The evolution of project management at Quixtar is determined.