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The ESS and the CM Management

Effective Software Content Management defined; the ESS management in relation to Effective Content Management; Reasons why ESS needs to be designed and supported speciifically for an individual executive's method of management.

ESS Management

Why do you think an ESS needs to be designed and supported specifically for an individual executive's method of management?

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Effective Software Configuration (ESS) Management
Effective Configuration Management (CM) is a nonadministrivia, nonclerical, integrated, cost-effective approach to implementing CM. In summary, effective CM is
? Cost-effective project insurance, i.e., product-integrity focused.
? A manager's and developer's best friend.
? A developer's tool, i.e., developer executed.
? A systems engineering function.
? Difficult to do right.
? No cost when done right (as part of daily development activities).
Effective CM is not
? Just version management.
? Just change management.
? Just a build-and-release function.
? An administrivia function.
? A trivial task.
Effective CM
? Is a system engineering function that is a pro-active, a discipline that stresses the technical aspects of CM.
? Satisfies the needs of management as well as developers.
? Is ...

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