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    Overview of Change Management Requirements Process

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    1. You have been asked to assess the interface for company XYZ's online job bank and resume submission function. You have limited information, however, you do know that:
    - HR is overwhelmed with the number of resume submissions.
    - Internal users complain that their applications disappear into never-never land -and that they never hear back about whether they were considered for the position.
    - A few external users call HR to ask how to send a resume directly since the online system will not accept their resume.
    - The niece of the current Chief Executive Officer visited the site and complained about how frumpy and tired the site was and stated this was a real turn-off.

    Describe your process for analyzing the gap(s) and defining the change requirements.

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    The change management requirements process consists of a system of processes and workflows, authorization and assignment controls describing who, what, when, and where change occurs, and communicates the impact of the change throughout the lifecycle to all stakeholders. In the case of XYZ Online Job Banks, the first course of action should be to identify the stakeholders. For example, the stakeholders can be job applicants, system designers, and company executives. Once ...

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    This solution provides an overview of the change management requirements process, offering guidance in implementing a change management plan to an organization with many stakeholders and lack of a formal change management plan for upgrading an online resume platform.