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    Potential Organizational Effectiveness Dissertation Topics

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    Looking for assistance with finding a gap in research and potential dissertation topic.

    I am enrolled in a DBA program looking at organizational effectiveness as it relates to staff and their contributions to the success or demise or the business. I am trying to find a current (no later than 2015) gap in research where I can continue the work and move forward. I need to be able to prove a current gap in the area of my study listed in the first sentence.

    Must be able to prove the current gap and give references to support the need for further research.

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    There are any different gaps that exist in organizational research and the gaps that will be highlighted for this summary include gaps involving organizational learning research wherein the Threat Rigidity Effect Theory, which has been used to explain why businesses fail when faced with external and internal threats to the organizational environment, have failed to accurately examine the organization's internal environment from an organizational learning perspective. Companies such as Nortel, which is highlighted in one of the research articles provided, failed as a result of a regression in environmental awareness capabilities according to the researchers of the ...

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    The Solution identifies potential dissertation topics within the field of organizational effectiveness.