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Purpose of Study

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Describe the critical elements of the research process, addressing the importance of carrying out the following research steps. Limit your response to 100 words. Make sure to base the responses on at least one current scholarly sources or an article from peer-reviewed journals.

Element: Describing a study purpose

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Dear Student,
Hello. For the information below, I have decided to base it on a one of the more important research process books we use in Grad Studies. For teaching and learning the research process, while Peer review material is informative, published & scholarly books used concurrently in research studies is much more established. The information for this book is listed below as well. Now, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know via the feedback section. Thank you or using ...

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The solution is a 222-word narrative that provides a description and discussion of the section of research that requires the description/explanation of the study's purpose.

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