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    Quantitative Research Critiques

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    Using the following research study:
    Yang, H., Lee, H., Chu, T., Su, Y., Ho, L., & Fan, J. (2012) The comparison of two recovery room warming methods for hypothermia patients who had undergone spinal surgery Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 44(1), 2-10.

    I need help in writing a 5-page paper talking about the abstract literature review, the theoretical framework purpose, research questions, and hypotheses. Please discuss the design of the research study as well as the threats to the internal validity of the study. Also, include sample, methods, results/findings, discussion, and implications for practice.

    Abstract, Background/Literature Review
    1. Does it indicate the purpose of the study?
    2. Does it highlight the methodology used?
    3. Are the major findings included?
    4. Are the references recent?
    5. Are they from primary sources?

    Theoretical framework purpose, research questions, hypotheses
    1. Are explicit theoretical or conceptual frameworks described?
    2. Is there a logical link between the theory and the research problem?
    3. Purpose of the study
    4. The research questions or hypotheses
    5. Dependent and independent variables
    6. Target population

    1. Design utilized in this study such as experimental, quasi-experimental, descriptive correlational
    2. How many groups are in the study and did the investigator compare the treatment and control subjects at baseline?
    3. How many times are data collected?

    1. Type of sample and size
    2. Study setting
    3. Inclusion and exclusion criteria
    4. How were subjects assigned to treatment groups (randomization)?
    5. Is the sample culturally diverse?
    6. How representative is the setting of the target setting?
    7. Are there threats to external validity (generalizability)? What are they? If there are potential threats, are they acknowledged?
    8. Do any of the above affect the credibility of the study's findings?

    1. What is the intervention?
    2. Is there a clearly described protocol
    3. Are the measures (instruments, physiologic measures, observations, interviews) clearly described?
    4. Are the measures appropriate? Are the measures direct or indirect?
    5. Is instrument reliability addressed (reliability coefficients or inter-rater reliability)? If yes, was there evidence that the instrument was tested in a population similar to that being used in the study?
    6. Is there reliability data from the current study?
    7. Is instrument validity addressed?
    8. Any measurement issues that threaten the validity of the study? Are they acknowledged by the investigators?

    1. List any Statistical tests that were done and for what purpose were they used?
    Were they appropriate for the type of data collected?
    Is there evidence that the assumptions of the statistical tests were met?
    Is each purpose, question or hypothesis addressed during analysis?
    What were the findings in relation to each purpose (research question or hypothesis)? Give actual numbers, p values, and/or confidence intervals.
    Are tables and figures used to summarize findings? Are they clear? Is the analysis interpreted correctly?
    2. Was statistical significance found?
    Discussion, Implications for Practice

    Summarize briefly the critique of this article. Should the findings be utilized in current practice assuming that they are potentially applicable? Why or why not?

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