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    Data Analysis Methodology

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    1) Assume that you conducted the research study that you proposed in the first discussion post #463785 and now have the data. (This problem is connected to brainmass post #463785 that you are assisting me with).

    2) Which of the methods used for analyzing survey data would you use and why?

    3) Be sure to explain why the approach that you are proposing to use for data analysis is consistent with the survey research method that you employed and the data you obtained.

    250-300 words and utilize at least two scholarly sources, cited in APA format.

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    I would use descriptive statistics at the methodology by which to analyze the survey data, due to the fact that this form of statistical analysis would be the most efficient and effective manner by which to summarize the data that has been compiled from the sample pool that was utilized. This methodology helps to ascertain the summary of the data that was compiled from the survey research that was conducted, using the ...