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Public Policy Analysis

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As a public administrator,

* Discuss your opinion on the role of a public administrator in utilizing political strategies to improve the policymaking processes and outcomes.

* Discuss the important considerations that must be made by a public administrator to effectively influence public behavior. Provide at least one relevant example to support your position.

Please include any other resources I may reference in my final research paper.

I am looking for at least two paragraphs of information for each.

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The public administrator must use the available political bases to garner support for policies. Policy processes and policy-making processes are both tied to getting approval from a majority of the community. Public administrators have to know and understand those strategies that work to bring compromise and improve outcomes if they want to succeed. Often a simple political strategy of bringing in someone with a wide circle of influence will be all that is necessary. Other times the strategy of grassroots building is appropriate.

Politics is not always adversarial. Often simple compromises are better. The public administrator must first decide on a need and the solution and its alternatives. Getting the leadership of the community or groups affected is the most common strategy, but knowing other strategies, politically motivated, is yet another alternative. Knowing when to offer alternatives ...

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The public policy analysis is examined. The important considerations which must be made by a public administrator to effectively influence public behavior is determined.

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