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Teacher Unions: Collective Bargaining

Teacher unions maintain that collective bargaining promotes professionalism of the teaching profession and results in higher quality instructors for students. Do you agree or disagree? State and support your reasons with research.

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In a new study from the American Action Forum involving K-12 education in the United States (Skinner, 2013); I agree.

Union collective bargaining.

The study synthesizes numerous studies that illustrate the impact of collective bargaining on the education system and compares four large urban school districts - two with collective bargaining and two without.
"The researcher compares student-performance data from ... New York City and Chicago (both of which require collective bargaining), with data from Charlotte, N.C., and Austin, Texas, urban districts in states where collective bargaining is banned for public employees," National Review Online's Andrew Stiles reports. "The two different situations reveal how collective ...

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The expert examines collective bargaining for teacher unions.