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The Local Union, National Union and Collective Bargaining

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Why do local unions request the services of the national unions in the collective bargaining process? How does the staff representative play an important role in this process?

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Almost all companies have workers who group themselves together with the goal of pursuing common work-related concerns, which includes better salaries and benefits, job security, and safer working environment. They are called labor unions. To further understand labor unions, let us organize it in two basic ways (cengage.com):
- Craft unions are composed of workers in the same profession with the same skill or job.
- Industrial unions are workers who are connected with companies of the same industry regardless of their profession, position or skills.
A national union is composed of its local unions. Members of labor unions interact through their locals so that they can join directly in the union affairs in meetings and participating in other union-related matters. Among the initial stages of conflict resolution in unions is the grievance procedure and it is carried out with the locals organizing the workers in union-related activities such as strikes and rallies whenever labor disputes exist.
Among the services that national unions provide to the local unions are legal advice, leadership training, organizing new ...

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