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International Internet Retail Organizations

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Leadership varies widely by culture and personality. An international organization with locations in several countries must balance the local customs and cultures with those of the primary culture of the organizations' headquarters. Using the USA as the headquarters.
Pick two other countries that might be part of an international internet retail organization and research and discuss the differences that leaders would have to navigate in approaching and adapting to different standards of behavior and culture within the countries.

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Succeeding in global business, the objective is for businesses to mastering the cultural awareness platform that merges the company's core mission goals with social responsibility to foster a proficient organization. Thus, the case example of selecting two countries for where the business will operate could entail China and India as satellite offices for expansion. The strategy for brand identity is expansion within the targeted demographic to increase over time, as well as, to improve the brand equity. In China, the most prominent concern is cultural sensitivity to communication style to fashion preferences, whilst, India the concern is ...

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The following posting discusses the differences that leaders have to navigate in approaching and adapting to different standards of behavior and culture within countries.

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