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IPT use of technology to develop long lasting profitable customers

How can IPT use techonology such as internet, crm tools, and databases to develop long lasting profitable customers? Think not only in the present, but also in the future, keeping in mind potential partnerships and regional to national expansion. Consider both retail and commercial markets

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Internet technologies have powerful impact on the organizations and it has transformed the way of doing the business. For example, the book selling industry where Amazon has changed the way people purchase books, thereby forcing traditional retailers like Barnes and Noble to shift to the online model as well. Thus, the future of the organization relies on its ability to adapt to technological advancements for improving the customer delight. Earlier the marketer used to depend on text and graphics to convey the company's value proposition, but now it can leverage the power of broadband and streaming video to stand out, get through and stay on top. They can use the power of e-commerce to spread internationally easily and in a cost effective manner.

For example metacafe.com is an online video library which gets numerous additions daily. Another example is Wikipedia, where even a non web designer can put content easily. This helps in delighting the customers by giving them better product and services.

E-business plays an extremely important role in reducing the inefficiencies and cost structure in the organizations and thus results in significant process improvement by efficient supply chain management. It helps in real time connectivity amongst all the parties related to the supply chain: the vendors, customers, employees and other related parties. ...

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806 words explain how the internet, crm tools and databases can help a company gain and retain customers.