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Sending employees to work in overseas offices

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For this assignment please consider the pros and cons of a foreign assignment. Pick two of the following areas to analyze how a company would benefit from sending employees on foreign assignments (you might also consider bringing foreign employees into home office as a foreign assignment):

Information Technology
Strategic Planning
Research and Development

with the two options you selected, what might be the potential negative outcomes from a foreign assignment? In your conclusion, consider whether the pros outweigh the cons for a company in ex-patriot assignments?

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Let's just start with the first two. First, let's ask the question why we would send an employee to work overseas. The reason usually is that the foreign office needs help in certain areas that it is difficult to find those skills and experience in the local employee pool. Another reason may be to give the employee exposure to overseas operations so that when they return to the home office they will have acquired skill and experience from overseas. Let's assume we are sending employees overseas for the first reason. And to make he case clearer, we will assume the country is China and not the UK, for example.

I would send an employee overseas to lead the marketing efforts in the local and regional markets. One may ...

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The author chooses two management areas and discusses why a company might send an employee to lead an area or department in an overseas office. He also discusses what pitfalls there may be for doing so as well.