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    Social Media and the Health Care Field

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    I need help answering the following questions related to recent (6 months or less) utilization of social media in the healthcare field. What is the healthcare focus and are there any related issues or risks?

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    Stermensky (2012), a doctoral student, conducted a study on consumer attitudes towards healthcare reform and the use of social media participated in by 1,000 participants from around the United States.

    Stermensky's study found out that:
    - Majority of participants have utilized social media sources for healthcare information at least once in the past month.
    - However, a majority of participants indicated they do not know how or where to go to advocate for healthcare issues important to them despite the numerous social media venues for doing so.
    - Participants indicated that their healthcare providers have not informed them of such social media outlets.
    - Consumers indicated they would like to have access to social media or mobile technology to obtain information on current diseases, insurance, Medicare or Medicaid ...

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    The solution discusses the vital role played by social media in healthcare delivery.