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    Social Media and Healthcare

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    Social media increasingly become an integral part of every healthcare organization's website or online strategy. Describe your understanding regarding social media.
    Identify the technology tools used in social media.
    Debate the pros and cons of using social media in healthcare marketing.
    Explain the reasons why you will or will not utilize social media on the top of traditional marketing tactics.

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    Social Media And Healthcare:

    Social media refers to creation of online content by people using scalable and highly accessible publishing technologies. It represents a shift on how people discover content and information and also discover how to read and share news. There are many social media channels that are operating around the world for example Twitter, Linkedin and face Book. The first online social networking site that emerged in 1995 is known as Classmates.com followed by blogs and podcasts shortly thereafter. Originally, online sites were used to organize personal interest communities. However, social media has been used by businesses to gather information about competitors and also about their reputation. They also use social media to introduce their products, brands and services to customers. Companies use social media to shape and make relationships with the shareholders, stakeholders, job applicants, employees and customers (Dailey, 2009).

    The technology tools used in social media:

    One of the technology tools is Blog which are personal journal entries or online diaries published for all members of the community to read and respond and also to offer interactive features for commenting. Blogs are of three types: niche topics, corporate messaging and personal messaging. Podcasts are video and audio broadcasts whir are distributed via web technology and are available via paid subscription. Social networks such as Face Book, Linkedin and MySpace are popular networks that allow members to build personalized websites made broadly available to the community's membership and also populated by wide ranging professional and personal information. World Wide Web or online forums provide group discussion that focus on specific subjects and topics and also provide to registered members online information. Forums operate with disciplinary procedures and rules to address and prevent various abuses. Forums are also used in chat rooms and instant messaging and also to transact businesses(Dailey, 2009).

    Microblogging is a social media tool which includes Pownee and Twitter. Online content and ...

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