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    Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

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    Identify the appropriate place and promotional strategy that should be used in the development of the strategic marketing plan. Develop an initial sales promotion schedule.

    Our new product is a Starbucks mocha macchiato

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    Marketing Plan for Starbucks

    Place Strategy
    In order to assess the possible success factors for the new products, the place analysis plays an important role (Kotler, 2002). In order to introduce the new product mocha macchiato, Starbucks should select mainly those area in which Starbuck in facing closures such as Texas, California, etc. Apart from this, the company can also select other countries of UK, Australia and Asia. Company can introduce its new products through its regular outlets and coffee shoes.

    The news report of food industry has uncovered the facts that Starbucks is facing closures in Texas, California and Florida. In order to continue its business operations at these places, it is necessary for the company to introduce new products and develop new marketing strategies. The company also introduces the new product, mocha macchiato at those areas in where the population of youngsters and adults is more the company has focused on those areas (Starbucks: Calif., Florida, Texas to see most closures, 2008).

    At the time of selecting the place to introduce new product, it is also essential for the management to select efficient distribution channel. The distributions customer services level should also be ...

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