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The Marketing Mix: Promotion and Measurement

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14. Assess the INFORMATION NEEDS of target market(s). What infomation will your potential customers need, (e.g. address of premises)?
15. indicate whether any PERSONAL SELLING will be involved and if so what forms this will take. If not explain why not. If so:
16. What training should be received?
17. What incentives will the sales force earn?
18. How will you evaluate selling performance?
19. Set COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES for your service. What do you want to achieve in what time frame in terms of your communicating to your potential customers?
20. Develop an effective COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY.
21. What advertising media are to be used?
22. Develop an effective public relations program for your business.
23. Decide what sales promotions you are going to use.

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Please build on the information provided

J&L Pro Sound: Promotion

Information needs of customers would be from basic to advanced. Basic information which would be required includes address of the store, timings, pricing, and names of brands of which J&L Pro Sound stocks audio systems.

Advanced information needs include comparison of one brand with another, pricing, technical specifications of audio systems, exchange or return policy and delivery time.

Since there are two different segments which have been targeted, personal selling would be used. In personal selling the selling pitch can be adjusted and individualized to prospects. However it is extremely important to realize that personal selling can make or break the deal. The sales team needs special training on how to determine prospect's needs. Only when they know what they want, the sales pitch can be tailored. Specifically, the team would require following trainings:
- Attention- Interest- Desire- Action: In any training for personal selling salespersons are given thorough knowledge of AIDA. The training provides overview of selling process which is to attract attention, hold prospect's interest, build desire for product and stimulate the action of closing the sale.
- Need ...

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The expert examines the marketing mix promotions and measurements.

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Communication and Promotion in Marketing Mix

The final component of the Strategic Marketing Plan is the Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is the set of decisions about price, communications and promotion, product policy, channels of distribution, and customer relationship management. Only by addressing these elements can you actually implement your marketing strategy. I need help with communication and promotion part ONLY.

Please, focus only on communications and promotion, following an integrated marketing communications (IMC) approach. Such an approach delivers a clear and consistent message to your consumers. In a five to six page report:

1. Provide a detailed description of IMC approach and the corresponding promotion strategy necessary to send the message to the target market. (For example, the elements of the promotion strategy include: advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing, and sales promotion) and how you would use them to communicate with the target segment. (Use the "outdoor enthusiasts" as target segment

2. Explain your rationale for choosing these specific elements.

3. Develop a strategy to measure the effectiveness of the IMC.

4. Has the internet played any role in how you developed your marketing approach? Why or why not?

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