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    Non-Employment Conflict Management

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    Businesses often face situations similar to the one in the "Formulating and Evaluating Public Policy" Simulation. Assume you work for the company contracted to build the dams for the Wamayo River Basin. Write a 2,500-3,000-word paper in which do the following:
    a. Identify potential non-organizational conflicts that could arise for your company as you build the dams.
    b. Select the most effective alternative dispute resolution technique(s) to resolve the non-organizational conflicts your company will face. Explain why you think your selected technique(s) will mitigate the risks presented to your company by non-organizational conflict.
    c. Create a plan to implement your selected alternative dispute resolution technique(s).
    d. Recommend metrics that your company could use to measure the effectiveness of the alternative dispute resolution technique(s) you have selected.

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    //Before writing about the various situations, which can affect the construction project of an organization, we have to understand the nature and type of the construction project. So, firstly we will write about the organization and the project under the heading of introduction, for example:


    Tightrope Walker Travels Company has planned regarding the construction of dams for the Basin of Wamayo River and its tributaries. Earlier, the company implemented tightrope way for the people of Wamayo Salmon, but it faced the problems of gravity and gusty winds. Now, the company has built three dams on the Wamayo River and is planning to establish some more dams on the river. The construction of dams is supportive in implementing hydropower projects, which is an inexpensive source of the energy. The hydropower projects are providing a vast energy source to the Wamayo region. Along with this, it will also assist in providing irrigation water to the farmers.

    Apart from this, the timber industry as well as the paper industry will get multi-billion dollar support from the development of the dams on the Wamayo River and tributaries. But, the primary fishing industry of the Wamayo Salmon was facing problems and its business activities were getting affected to a great extent due to the construction of dams. The fishing industry is the main business activity of the Wamayo salmon, which is being affected because of an increase in the commercial activities. The population of the salmon species is also decreasing. The environment analysts and industry specialist estimate that the consistent rise in the commercial activities will cause an extinction of the fishing industry in the next 10 years (University of Phoenix). The main reasons for a decrease in the population of the salmon are as follow -

    The development of three dams on the Basin of Wamayo River.
    Increase in the commercial activities in region due to development of dams.
    Logging, paper industry and timber industry.
    //After discussing about the company and nature of project, now we will discuss the various non-organizational conflicts that can be faced by an organization in constructing the dam. I am providing some of the conflicts by analyzing the simulation problem. If you want you can add more to this portion.

    Non Organizational Conflicts

    The construction of the dam can create various problems for the company because of various stakeholders. It is necessary for a company to satisfy all the stakeholders before making a project. A company can face the organizational and non-organizational conflicts in constructing a capital project. The construction of dam for the basin of Wamayo river basin can face the following non organizational conflicts for the company -:

    Environmental conflicts - The construction of dam can cause the problem of change in the environmental conditions. The construction of dam will have an effect on the fishing industry. It is also causing a decrease in the population of salmon. Many species are at the about to endanger. It is also changing the environment. The increase in the commercial activities also causes a change in the environment. The salmon survival group can create conflict for the company as the construction is causing a decrease in the species. The conflict can be raised with the institutions of the environment protection. As the construction of dam is causing a change in the condition of ocean, it can cause the problem of global warming.
    Conflicts related to the surrounding habitants - The population of the habitant is also decreasing because of the wrong allocation of Wamayo tributaries. The main objective of the policy for the region by the salmon survival group is to protect salmon species. It is also involved in the allocation of tributaries for the habitants of salmon, which will help to recover the endangered species.
    Conflicts with the policy makers - The construction of dam can also create a conflict with the policy makers or the various groups to save the salmon species. The construction of dam will be helpful for the timber and paper industry as well as for the agriculture industry. It is because the construction of dam will increase the business activities and will also enhance the hydropower, which will be beneficial for both the industries. But at the same time, it will cause a decrease in the Wamayo salmon, which are endangered species (University of Phoenix). The policy makers can protest to allow more tributaries to the construction company in order ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2852 words with references.