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    Conflict Management Approaches to Human Behaviors

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    I need help with the following Conflict Management Approaches & Human Behaviors

    Part I - Background and Settings
    - A description of an organization with conflict
    - Description of the workplace or organizations' conflict issue
    - The underlying problem or difference
    - The parties or sides involved in the conflict
    - The side of the parties involved in the conflict chosen and the reason of choice.

    Part II - How the conflict was Managed
    • Description of the chosen side's decisions and/or behaviors and/or actions to the following:
    • The management approach or strategy that was chosen to deal with the conflict
    • What were the major considerations behind the choice
    • Was the choice effective?

    Part III - What Would You Have Done
    • Assuming you are the principal representative for the "chosen side":
    • What would YOU have done in this case?

    What management strategy would YOU have chosen and implemented in this case

    Part IV
    Scholarly References

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    I need help with the following Conflict Management Approaches & Human Behaviors

    Part I - Background and Settings

    An organization experiencing conflict is a community nonprofit agency providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. The organization receives funds from SAMHSA and other government agencies, as well as from the local community, to provide treatment and support services to those seeking help to end addiction. Support services include housing, food allowance, job training, and ongoing counseling and support groups.

    The conflict within the organization relates to how services for clients are determined and distributed. Case workers within the organization must determine which services each client is eligible for. Some case managers are stricter in applying interpretations of need for services than others. This results in accusations by some case managers that others are not as careful with the scarce financial and physical resources allocated for the program.

    The underlying problem is a conflict created by differences in interpretation of client needs. For example, some managers believe public transportation vouchers should only be given to those clients who do not possess a valid driver license. Other managers believe that nearly all clients, most of whom lack personal transportation, should receive the thirty day public transportation vouchers.

    There are basically two sides of the conflict. On one side are the case managers who are cautious about providing resources and referring clients to support services. On the other side are the case managers who are very liberal in determining the services and resources clients need.

    The side of the conflict chose is that of the case managers who are more general in providing resources and support services to clients. The reason this side has been chosen research indicates most community drug and alcohol addiction programs are more successful when support services are provided to clients. "Just because a person has been kept from using drugs ...

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