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Human Resources--Reflection of Experiences

Compare and contrast the tasks involved with each role, and the specific skills required as they relate to each role. Evaluate how behaviors, traits, and characteristics reflect on an effective conflict manager. Indicate why you feel each skill is significant to the success of each role. Differentiate how power-based, rights-based, and interest-based approaches to conflict management affect each role and the desired outcome in the workplace.

- Encourages employees to seek out other endeavors or opportunities
- Delegates tasks
- Makes joint decisions

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Running head: Human Resources-Reflection of Experiences

Human Resources--Reflection of Experiences


Tasks involved in encouraging employees to go for other opportunities include giving them room and power to make decisions. Employees could be provided with time in which they can seek out personal opportunities. The tasks involved in delegating tasks include providing an individual with the power to make decisions on the issue that has been delegated. Delegating involves giving someone the right to act and make decisions on behalf of the other. Another task involved in delegating is setting out objectives expected and determining limits in capability to act as an agent. Tasks involved in making joint decisions include setting out guidelines on which decisions are going to be made. It also requires a team to set out issues that are to be addressed and how power given to each member.
Communication is common in all the roles since they involve a lot of collaboration from relevant parties. Encouraging employee and delegating tasks emphasize more on empowering people while making joint decisions mainly aims at bringing people together and promoting coordination.
Skills required in the roles include clear and straight forward communication so that everyone can understand what is expected from them. Effective communication is an effective component in the roles since it determines whether they will be successful or not (Saonee et al, 2011). Another skills required to perform the roles is clarity. It is ...

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The reflections of experiences in human resources are examined.